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Above and Beyond

My journey to become a designer began when I was a young ballerina, inspired by the creativity and passion of dance. 

A girl dancing in the room.

I used my artistic talents to sketch my ideal dancing school, then my ideal home. I soon fell in love with the design process, and started to create original posters as well.

I light bulb on gradient background.

My mission is to help my clients envision what is possible in their designs, to offer them a result that exceeds their expectations in every way.

I am able to effectively leverage each client’s design investment by creating the most value possible with each unique project.

A workshop board full of post-it.

Did you know it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one?

I strive to create designs that will facilitate brand loyalty and give you future business success.

A geometric shadow projected on the wall.

I’m a digital graphics designer making your life easier with professional, easy to use templates in design that fuel recognition, amplify differentiation and above all, endure.

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Dark Theme

latest project


Providing a data-driven company bold and unique branding with lively colors and social media visual language.

social media covers for Ataccama 1
social media covers for Ataccama 2

Offering a Different Perspective

Your design must stand out to retain a competitive edge in today’s online marketplace! Make it BOLD. Make it BRAVE. Make it UNFORGETTABLE.

Simplicity and Innovation

I bring together form and function with unique, customized solutions.

Charisma 💜

I love to incorporate special, personal touches that match the style of your company, giving your design extra charm.

A net of the dots connected together.
Design process

Connecting the dots

When you partner with me on your business strategy, I will always give your brand personality and company mission consideration when setting project goals and designing a marketing plan. Each client has different needs, style, and tone, and my strategic recommendations will always be completely customized to your company’s look, feel, and intended customer journey. 

I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that my vision for your brand matches your goals, priorities, and overall company persona. My mission is to implement a creative, achievable strategic plan that will put your company on the path to success. 

Clients say

Katerina naturally connects people from different teams and strives for visual alignment across initiatives. She is fantastic at fast prototyping and never hesitates to get involved also in tasks outside of the expected scope for the best team results.

Sona Smid, Marketing Director «Ataccama»

Everything was then handed over to us in a new, neat design and prepared in templates for deployment by our IT department. Great and fast communication, accurate fulfilment of the goal and delivery of the work on time.

Martin Jilek, CEO «eHotel»

I appreciate not only her professional approach and knowledge, but also the fact that she comes up with new ideas and has creative and original solutions. Working with Katka was very pleasant and I hope that in the future we will meet again on a joint project.

Jiri Soucek, Founder «Brispol»

I have known Katerina Dohnalova for many years. I appreciate her activities very highly. She purposefully and systematically educates herself in the field of art, architecture, as well as in the field of economics. Her works of art are imaginative, sensitive, impressive and artistically superior. They attract everyone's attention.

Zdenek Soucek, Business Strategist «Klub Stratég»
Yin Yang Design

As a passionate interior designer, I love to combine elements of light and dark to create a sense of balance. Inspiration from #mcgee.


We created this mesmerizing abstract star universe to serve as the background for Dig Deep.



A single page website for a company offering technical courses to the public, designed in a user-friendly format for ease of navigation.

Sigle page website in yellow design.

Do you like my work?
In that case, I'm really looking forward to our cooperation 💜.

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